ryobi 14 amp circular saw review

Ryobi 14 Amp Circular Saw Review

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Quick Overview





  • Easily cuts plywood
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for elderly users
  • Enough power for DIY projects
  • High-quality carrying case


  • The laser is invisible in bright light
  • Louder than expected
  • Might buck a lot

As one of the powerhouse manufacturers in the power tool industry, you'd find that Ryobi offers premium-quality tools that get the job done.

If you’re in the market for a versatile circular saw with plenty of cutting power, we know of a great model you might want to consider.

In this Ryobi 14 Amp Circular Saw review, we’ll get into the fine details that might just make you decide to get this tool.

Ryobi 14 Amp Circular Saw Review

High-performance cutting is within your grasp with this convenient saw.

It has a unique design made for professional workers and hobbyists alike. You’ll also find that it has plenty of adjustable components, like an adjustable bevel.

Its accuracy is another significant selling point, especially for beginners and intermediate users.

Since one of its most notable features is its laser alignment system, you’re bound to make exceptional cuts.

It’s also designed to be useful with a ton of different materials, especially if you have a few blades at your disposal.

Who Is This Product For?

Hundreds of positive Ryobi 14 Amp Circular Saw reviews online is a testament that this device is a fantastic addition to anyone’s tool collection.

You’ll love using it for household projects because it’s highly portable and convenient to use. Contractors will also appreciate its easy-to-use features that allow for effortless cuts.

If you’ve used a lower-quality circular saw in the past and are considering an upgrade, this is a good stepping stone.

It contains many of the same features as entry-level saws, with several key improvements.

Also, it’s built with greater attention to detail, which offers optimal longevity with most wood species.

With all of the built-in guidance features, you’ll find that using a circular saw is simple for the first time.

You’ll love many of its beginner-friendly components, like the edge guide and specially designed presets.

What’s Included?

Everything that you need to begin using the saw immediately is included with your order.

You’ll receive the CSB144LZK circular saw with the built-in laser as well as a 24T carbide-tipped blade.

You’ll also get the innovative edge guide and an operator’s manual for instructions.

As an added benefit, you’ll have a tool bag where you can keep all of the parts securely stored.

Overview of the Features

The amount of power that this circular saw brings to the table is in a more compact design.

Portability is a considerable benefit, too, especially if you’re looking for a portable upgrade from a hybrid table saw.

You’ll also find that with the help of its dust chute, you can keep your work area perfectly clear.

Here are other features packed in this device:

  • High-Performance Cutting

The impressively designed motor in this circular saw is one of its most impressive features. It offers 15 amps of power, which is more than enough for a portable circular saw.

Because of this, you’ll find that ripping through an assortment of materials will be substantially more straightforward.

  • Bevel Adjustments

Users can easily adjust the bevel of their new circular saw using the adjustable lever.

You can change the angle from zero to 51.5 degrees and enable positive stops at 45 and 51.5 degrees.

  • Exactline Technology

With the addition of the patented Exactline technology, users can quickly improve their cutting accuracy.

The laser alignment system is essential for making sure you create precise cuts with every pass.

  • Air Diversion

If you need a tool that helps keep your work area clear of debris, air diversion is essential.

With the diverter, you can keep sawdust and debris off your work surface.

This saw features a dust exhaust to help keep particles away from the person using the saw.

  • Adjustable Depth

Similar to the bevel adjustments, you can also adjust the depth of your circular saw.

There’s an integrated scale on the unit that helps you to make the ideal adjustments.

All you have to do is use the lock lever to quickly and easily change the cut depth.

  • GRIPZONE Overmold

Another patented technology built into this Ryobi saw is the GRIPZONE overmold.

As you hold the saw, you’ll notice a significant shift in the comfort of the handle. The mold allows you to maintain control over the tool and ensures you experience less hand fatigue.

  • Wrench Storage

The on-board wrench storage is built into the frame of the saw for added convenience.

Are Ryobi Circular Saws Any Good?

Before you decide on getting this device, you might be wondering, are Ryobi circular saws any good?

You’ll find mixed reviews about their saws, especially if you’re a professional contractor.

Many find that they are lightweight, easy to use, and designed for beginners more than experienced tradespeople.

When dealing with thick materials, the saw might encounter a couple of issues with kickback. They might also not have as much power as you would expect from a circular saw of a similar size.

However, they are more than powerful enough for the infrequent user and small-scale projects.

How to Get the Most Out of It

The best way to make sure you’re getting the most of your circular saw is to maintain it. You’ll want to make sure you safely remove any debris from the machine and cutting blade after each use.

Also, you must frequently inspect the blade for deterioration to ensure the safest operation.

With proper care, your circular saw can last up to 20 years, if not longer.

Properly maintained blades can also last several years before requiring a replacement. However, they will need to be sharpened, primarily if you use your circular saw frequently.

Why Does My Ryobi Circular Saw Keep Stopping?

Unless there’s a significant mechanical issue with your circular saw, the stoppage can quickly be addressed.

If you’re wondering why your Ryobi circular saw keeps stopping, it could be as simple as the blade.

Certain types of blades are designed for specific materials at specific thicknesses. If you use a specific blade on a material it’s not intended for, it can easily get stuck and stop spinning.

You must inspect the blade you’re using to see if it’s struggling or dull. Alternatively, you can consider reaching out to a professional technician for mechanical issues.


One of the best alternatives to the Ryobi 14 Amp Saw is the SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw.

A few of the most significant features of the SKIL Circular Saw include:

  • 15-Amp Motor: With this model, you’ll have 15 amps of motor and 5,300 RPM to improve your cutting speeds.
  • Bevel Capacity: With a 51-degree bevel capacity, you can make an assortment of cuts.
  • Corded: Instead of a cordless circular saw, this model is continually connected to power for optimal performance.
  • Anti-Snag Guard: This circular saw features an anti-snag lower guard that helps to prevent snagging.


The Ryobi 14 Amp Circular Saw is an excellent option for household tasks and small projects.

It’s conveniently sized and features an assortment of user-friendly components for you to enjoy.

Also, it has plenty of conveniences, such as the specialized overmold grip and laser guide.

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