how to build a dog house from pallets

How To Build A Dog House Out Of Pallets

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Do you want to know how to build a dog house from pallets? Stick around, we've got a lot to share.

Even though most of us prefer to let our dogs stay indoors, there are still times when letting a dog out in the yard is best for both your home and the dog. 

That means having a safe place for your dog from weather conditions. 

A pallet dog house is a dog kennel built with wood pallets. They're easy to make and not particularly expensive to buy.

If you're unsure whether you have all the tools, our buyer's guides can help you decide what you need. 

DIY Pallet Dog House

Contrary to popular belief, doing something yourself doesn't mean that it will be more complex or expensive. Building a comfortable pallet dog home is often cheaper and more rewarding.

To build your own DIY pallet house for your dog, all you need is a pallet board, plywood, board beams for pillars, and wooden pallet boards.

Even if you don't think of yourself as "handy," you can still put a pallet dog house together because it's that easy. 

All you need is an idea of what you want it to look like, a hand drill, and some screws. It doesn't have to be fancy: 4 walls and a roof will keep the sun off your dog's face and keep him warm in the cooler months.

There are plenty of pros to having a DIY pallet hound house. 

Of course, the downside is that a DIY pallet dog house takes time and is labor-intensive. 

Here are some of the best DIY dog house ideas with plans that will make the perfect home for your furry companion, no matter the season.

Beginner Dog House Plans

Lowe's has an excellent Beginner Dog House Plan if you're looking to start building your first DIY pallet dog home. It's a free plan, and it comes included with a list of all of the materials and tools you'll need. It's a great plan that will fit a small-to-average size dog. This house is a simple four-walled A-frame pallet dog house with one front entrance.

This plan's instructions provide extra ideas to make the dog kennel one-of-a-kind.


  • Easy DIY pallet dog house for beginners
  • You don't need to have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to building a DIY dog house to put this together
  • It comes with all of the instructions and a list of the materials that you need


  • While easy to make, this pallet dog kennel isn't the most visually pleasing
  • The size of the dog kennel isn't suitable for large dogs

Pallet Dog House With Deck Plans

If you're looking to have a slightly fancier wooden pallet house, these dog houses with a deck plan from Jen Woodhouse might be just what you're looking for. This particular pallet hound house is a slanted roof dog house with a tiny deck, a place to put their toys, as well as a spot for their food and water.


  • A unique and creative dog house that has a place to store food and water, as well as toys
  • It can fit anywhere from small to large breeds of dogs
  • Plans come with a materials list, tool list, step-by-step instructions, as well as diagrams to help you along the way


  • While the plans are free, you will need to sign up for a newsletter to get the PDF sent to your email
  • Better for more experienced DIY-ers rather than beginners

Recycled Wood Pallet Dog House Plans

If you're a little more seasoned with some DIY projects, you might want to check out what you can do with all of that extra wood you undoubtedly have laying around.

This rustic-looking A-frame pallet house for dogs design by 99 Ideas has is a simple four-wall and roof design that will keep your pet cool or warm, depending on the season.


  • Good for the environment
  • You can also often pick up recycled wood pallets from local businesses
  • Simple design for those who are just starting out building their own pallet house for your pup


  • If you don't have access to recycled wood, you're probably going to end up buying new materials

Breezy Pallet Dog House Plans

This particular dog house is great if you live in a relatively mild climate that doesn't require too much outdoor protection for your dog. These pallet dog kennel plans, offered by Shanty2Chic, show a simple, open-wall dog house with an A-frame roof. It's great for a little bit of shade but doesn't offer much to the elements.


  • Fewer materials mean that this dog house will take less money to build and less time
  • It's a relatively easy set up for beginner DIYers who want to have a cute wooden pallet dog kennel


  • It's more decorative than function for insulation
  • There are no walls, which means this will not work for keeping your dog warm or protected from the elements

Gazebo Pallet Dog House Plans

Here's another easy-to-build pallet dog kennel that comes from Jen Woodhouse. This simple DIY dog house has 4 walls and a roof with space between the slats that leave lots of room for a nice breeze and the sunlight to come through.

Even though it's simple, the DIY pallet dog house shows style and uniqueness.


  • Easy to make for beginners
  • The plans are free and come included with all of the instructions you need to build this dog house
  • Lots of open space between the planks allow for a nice breeze
  • Your dog will keep both shaded and cool during the summer months


  • Lack of insulation for the winter months
  • Open slats between the planks make it ineffective for rain

Insulated Pallet Dog House Plans

While many of these stylish pallet pup houses are fun, they leave a bit to be desired when it comes to insulation. That's why this insulated dog house by DIY Tyler is perfect for people who need to have both a fun and functional pallet house.

This dog house has a simple four-wall design with a slanted roof and, of course, insulation to help regulate the temperature.


  • Simple design and the plans come with a video to help you build the dog house step by step
  • Insulation helps keep your dog warm during the cooler months and cool during the warmer months


  • Insulation may bump up the cost of your pallet house a bit more than if you were to use wood

Double Dog Pallet Dog House Plans

Now, this is a cool pallet dog home: double doors allowing more than one dog to enjoy the shade of their dog house. The plans are available from Intelligent Domestications.

This double-door dog house is wide and spacious enough to allow two average-sized dogs to share the space without any problem. The plans come with the supply list and all of the instructions you need to build this, no matter your skillset.


  • Perfect for a two-dog household
  • Spacious and with room to put in insulation if you'd like to turn this into an insulated pallet house


  • Very wide dog house, which means you'll have to have the space to build it

Modern Pallet Dog House Plans

This pallet dog kennel is designed to be sleek, modern and comes with a porch and windows. The kennel is easy on the eyes and functional.

You can keep your dog sheltered from the elements in the cooler months and keep them shaded from the sun during summer. You can find these plans at Modern Build.


  • Plans come with an 8-minute instruction video so that you can see just how to put this cool dog house together
  • A little more challenging for those DIYers who like to show off their skills


  • The windows are a little small and high up on the structure, so there might not be a lot of air circulation
  • A narrow entranceway might make it difficult for larger dogs to get in and out of this particular house.

Cottage Style Pallet Dog House Plans

If you've been searching through this list looking for a dog house with pallets that is big enough to house your monster of a pup, then you've reached the right place. This cottage-style pallet house by Jay's Custom Creations has plans with measurements that will fit a large dog.

The design of this dog house gives it that vintage cottage look and feel. It's the perfect DIY project for someone with a lot of creativity. 


  • Super unique and creative design
  • Built for large breeds of dogs
  • Add insulation to make it perfect for any weather condition


  • It might be difficult for more inexperienced DIYers and beginners
  • The design and size make this one more material and labor-intensive

Pallet Dog House With A Porch Plans

Are you still looking for a pallet pooch house that will fit your larger breed of dog? Here's another for the list. This pallet dog home is wide, tall, and has two windows that let in a nice breeze and sunlight. This simple design provides flair with an easy-to-build porch and slanted roof. You can find the plans from Build Something.


  • The instructions come with a cutting guide, a materials list, step-by-step pictures, and extras that you can add to this dog house
  • Easy to make for new or inexperienced DIYers


  • Even though the space inside is enough, getting through the door could be an issue as the door seems low. 
  • Airflow could be an issue with only one window. 

Insulated A-Frame DIY Dog House

Another house that's perfect for those of you who need to have an insulated dog house to protect your dogs from the elements. This A-frame pallet house is ideal for a small to average size dog but won't have the space for your larger types of dogs. 

The plan requires about 9-feet of space and all the materials you need. These could easily cost you less than $100.


  • Insulation makes this particular dog house perfect for those who live in colder climates
  • This plan includes step by step instructions as well as pictures of what each step should look like for newer DIYers
  • The size of this pallet dog home makes it easy to move around and position in your yard


  • The A-frame design makes it a little difficult for larger dogs to fit into this pallet dog kennel
  • There is 1 door and no other openings, which can limit the airflow inside the dog kennel.
Pallet Dog House

Step-by-step Guide: How To Build A Dog House From Pallets

Building The Frame

Keep the size and dimensions in mind when building the skeleton using pallet slats. These make solid pillars and beams. Finish the frame by adding pallet wood which can easily be stained to add some visual appeal and protects against weather.

Combine a pallet board with the same size plywood to add smoothness. Make sure to leave a space for the entrance and the veranda by adding a raised boundary.

To ensure precision, watch the angles by using a tape measure and a ruler.

Building the roof

If you want a tilted or raised roof, shorten the back pillars. If you want a flat roof, use equal posts all-round. A sloping roof is ideal for keeping water from gathering on the top.

Get The Veranda Started

Now that the dog kennel is stable install the veranda pillars and join them to the roof using wooden cross beams.

Added protection for stability

Once the frame is in place, stain the joints so that there are no open spaces that are unprotected.

Layer one more wooden length to increase the thickness of the back and side cross beams. Once the reinforcements are in place, start filling in the sides and the rest of the frame. But, it's not time for the veranda yet. 

Time to make the entrance

Before finishing up the veranda, create an entrance. Completing the porch first makes it hard to create a door.

Top it off with a roof

Start from the low backside and arrange the wooden slats across the top.


And there you have it! Here are twelve different DIY dog houses that you can make yourself from pallets.

Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a pre-built dog house, especially if you have the tools, time, and materials, then it's easy to make a dog house from pallets for yourself - your beloved pooch will thank you for it.

All of the plans on this list are entirely free for download, and almost all of them come with a materials list, a cut list, and step-by-step guides on how to build your dog's pallet house

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