Kobalt 15 Amp Circular Saw Review

Kobalt 15 Amp Circular Saw Review

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Quick Overview





  • Work light and dust blower included
  • Flexible beveling
  • Comes with a blade wrench and edge guide
  • Easy edge guide insertion and locking
  • 5-year hassle-free warranty
  • Soft grip handle


  • No dust chute, no dust collection
  • No laser guide
  • Wired device

Every home improvement job can be completed using the right tools.

You can have all the required skills to take on different tasks and still need a tool that is not yet in your toolshed.

Go for a table saw if you have sufficient workspace and need to cut down large boards.

On the other hand, if you are gunning for portability and want to cut different materials in a straight line effortlessly, get a circular saw.

Read through this Kobalt 15 Amp Circular Saw review to determine if it is the right tool to help you with your projects.

Kobalt 15 Amp Circular Saw Review

Circular saws have been around since the 1700s, but a portable version only emerged in 1929 with Art Emmons’s invention.

Saws have been initially used for cutting lumber, but the development of manufactured wood pushed the evolution of woodcutting to a whole new level.

Today, the circular saw lends its functionality in cutting various materials, including wood, laminates, metal, plastics, foam, and many others.

If you are looking to complete your power tools collection, give the Kobalt 15 Amp Circular Saw a try.

Who is This Product For?

This circular saw is designed to cut through different materials, making it a flexible tool for various professions.

For the Beginner

Learning to use a circular saw can be very tricky, dangerous, and fun at the same time.

You will be surprised at how fast you are going to learn if you have the right guidance.

As all power tools with a blade should be treated with a certain modicum of responsibility, accidents mostly result from human error and negligence.

If you are a young beginner, try to be an apprentice to someone who knows their way around tools, especially with one you want to learn using.

However, if you think you are old enough, follow all manufacturer instructions to the T, and always keep your safety precautions in check.

For the Handyman

You can build your patio with the help of the Kobalt 15-Amp circular saw.

It lets you effortlessly cut planks into precise measurements, as well as make intricate geometric patterns on floorboards.

With the help of this saw, you can also replace your kitchen cupboards with custom-sized cabinetry and shelving.

With a circular saw in your tool arsenal, you can make precise, long cuts in just a matter of minutes.

For the Pro

All carpenters, joiners, sculptors, woodworkers, metalworkers, and welders have benefited from a type of circular saw at some point in their lives.

You can’t go pro in the contracting profession without a circular saw in your arsenal.

Instead of renting one for your projects, surely your circular saw can pay for itself after a few jobs well done.

What’s In the Box?

When you get your Kobalt 15-Amp Circular Saw, you’ll be amazed at how compact it is with all of its components attached.

You wouldn’t have to go through any assembly or installation. Just plug it in, and enjoy your very first cutting task.

The device has an auxiliary handle in addition to the main handle, which holds the trigger switch.

A detachable metal edge guide is also in the box.

Overview of the Features

The Kobalt 15-Amp Circular Saw is an excellent tool for making speedy, straight cuts through wood with the help of any sturdy straight edge.

Here is a summary of its most essential features:

  • Bevel capacity up to 56 degrees
  • The maximum depth at 90 degrees is 2.375 inches
  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Carbide-tipped steel blade
  • Electric brake for user safety
  • 7 1/4-inch blade diameter

Powerful Motor

This Kobalt circular saw is powered by a 15-ampere motor that delivers reliable cutting speeds.

You can then regulate the blade turning speeds using the soft-grip handle and the pressure trigger.

Continuous Power Supply

Unlike cordless power tools that use batteries, the Kobalt 15-ampere Circular Saw delivers consistent operational functionality thanks to its corded power source.


The device has a built-in hook, which lets you hang it nearby while climbing up ladders and trying to reach a spot.

What's more, the blade guards and the base are made of ultra-lightweight magnesium that lessens the stress on wrists and arms.

Operational Safety

The upper and lower blade guards are equipped with a blade guard lever for convenient locking.

To observe safety when cutting, always check that the LED work light is working and the base shoe is lying flat on the material's surface.

Additionally, the circular saw has a built-in electric brake that engages the blade as soon as the trigger switch is released.

Once the electric brake is engaged, it quickly stops the rotation of the blade.

Operational Flexibility

Combine the edge guide with both handles to allow more control over the functions of the circular saw.

Cut perpendicularly or at a 45-degree angle towards the surface of the material using its zero and 45-degree blade guide notches.

You can also play around with bevels using the bevel scale, limitation knob, and locking lever.

When using the edge guide, lock it in place through the edge guide slot and its corresponding locking knob.

Then, adjust the cutting depths using the depth scale and depth locking lever.

Easy Blade Replacement

Finally, you can replace the blade by pressing the spindle lock button and unscrewing the blade bolt using the included blade wrench.

For more details, make sure you get a hold of the complete product manual.

How to Use the Kobalt 15-Amp Circular Saw

Like most corded circular saws, using this Kobalt model is quite simple.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles.

Step 2. Position the material to be cut on a stable platform, such as a saw table or two sawhorses.

Step 3. Mark the cutting line and secure a straight-edged guide on top of the material using clamps.

Step 4. Choose the correct blade for the job and set it to the required cutting depth and angle.

Step 5. Test the saw on scrap material if possible. Then, proceed if everything seems okay.

Step 6. Align the zero markers on your baseplate to the material’s marker line while fixing its side onto the straight-edge guide.

Step 7. Gently pull the trigger while pushing the saw slowly along the surface of the material.

Step 8. Release the trigger to activate the electric brake and stop the blade's rotation.

Step 9. Unplug the circular saw and check that all the blade guards are locked after every use.


If you are looking for a comparable alternative, another 7 ¼-inch diameter circular saw is the Ryobi 14 Amp Circular Saw.

It is also lightweight, and it packs enough power for DIY projects.

The Ryobi 14-Amp comes in a heavy-duty carrying case, too.

Alternatively, if you need a larger circular saw for cutting thicker objects, the Makita HS0600 10 ¼” Circular Saw is also a great buy.

It is relatively lighter for its large size compared to other same-sized circular saws.

What's more, it only uses 15 amperes to deliver 4,300 revolutions per minute.

Its base is made of aluminum, and the blade guards are also made of magnesium, like the Kobalt unit.


Your choice of circular saws can help you complete your DIY equipment set to accomplish relevant tasks with ease.

We hope this Kobalt 15 Amp Circular Saw Review brings you closer to completing your power tool arsenal.

Your personal preferences can help you decide whether this is the right circular saw for you.

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