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Impact Driver vs Drill: Which One Will You Choose?

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Are you wondering what the difference between impact driver vs. drill is? They both look the same, but there are a few differences. We do tool comparisons between an impact driver to a drill, what you can do with each tool and the best impact drivers and drills in the market.

What Is An Impact Driver

Impact drivers are high-torque electric tools used for tightening screws. They're usually lighter and smaller than drills but have similar functions. The torque is higher, so they can get the job done quicker. 

Impact drivers use 1/4inch hex driver bits while the drivers can drive large wood screws in seconds. 

An impact driver can produce more torque than drills up to 50 times a second. The driver rotates in a "two-steps-forward-one-step-back pattern." This pattern engages and drives screws effectively. 

What is a Cordless Drill

Cordless drill

A cordless drill is a battery-powered power tool to make holes and to fasten screws and small bolts. It has a clutch that disengages a drivetrain automatically when it reaches a specific torque.

What to know about the battery

Cordless drills have a battery voltage anywhere between 8-60V. The most common battery voltage used is between 8-12V. The higher voltage a drill has, the more it provides. Higher voltage drills let you drill deeper and larger holes.

Functions of a drill

All drills have a clutch that allows the tool to drill or drive. Some drills have a hammer function which lets you drill through concrete or stone. You'd still need to use a different bit suited for those types of materials. 

Most drills have 2 different size chunks, which is relevant to what your project needs.  

What is the difference between an impact driver and a drill?

The difference between an impact driver and a drill is power and rotation. Impact drills have quick-release shanks that drills don't. Impact drivers can produce more torque quicker. 

Impact Driver Vs Drill: Pros And Cons



It has more power than a drill and drives screws smoothly.

Drills provide a high level of precision with delicate jobs.

The compact size appeals to many homeowners.

It's multi-purpose and has a slip clutch for torque control.

Automatically removes stripped screws.

A drill has a constant torque and fits many accessories.



It costs more than a drill and noisier. So wear protective gear. 

Sometimes stalls when used in long or big fasteners.

It only uses hex-shaped bits

Bits tend to come loose and often strip screws.

Should I buy a drill or impact driver?

So, let's discuss a little more in-depth about impact driver vs drill.

Impact drivers are way better at directing force downward, which makes them more comfortable to use. Drills are commonly used to make holes and drive screws (among others). Both are great for quick projects, but it depends on what you'd like to do. 

Drills can make holes and tighten small screws, while impact drivers can handle longer and thicker screws. Drills are for precision and delicacy, while impact drivers are for extra power. 

Is an impact driver worth it?

Impact drivers are great for repetitive jobs. It drives screws quickly with more power but less weight than a drill. 

How Much Torque Do I Need In An Impact Driver?

An impact driver with around 1700 in-lb that focuses more on higher RPM will do most of the jobs that you need to get done. 

What Is The Best Impact Driver In The Market?

When purchasing an impact driver, look at the following functions to help you decide:

  • The torque enables you to drive longer screws. 
  • Check if the impact driver drill bits bore bigger holes.  
  • One-handed driving allows you to get the job done quickly.
  • Wear muffs or earplugs as the driver gets loud.

DEWALT Impact Driver Set

The DEWALT impact driver set is a popular choice for many reasons. The impact driver lasts long and provides the right power needed to get the job done. 

  DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver Set

Increased visibility: Has built in LED with 20 second delay after trigger release. Ergonomic design is Compact (5.55 inches front to back)and lightweight (2.8 pounds) design fits into tight areas. 1 handed Bit Loading: Has a 1/4 inch hex chuck and accepts 1 inch bit tips. Tools backed by a 3 year limited warranty.  Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18″

Can You Use An Impact Driver As A Cordless Drill?

An impact driver is made for driving but can drill just as quickly. Impact drivers tighten fasteners and not drilling holes. But, you can drill holes with the right bit in softwood or light steel. 

What Is The Best Cordless Drill In The Market?

For refined repair tasks, a drill with the same 2-speed switch and variable speed=control trigger works well. If you need more hole drilling than driving, speeds from 1000 rpm (and up) work best. 

The Metabo sub-compact drill is lightweight with up to 21% more torque at 485 in-lbs. Even though it's small, it can clock speeds up to 1700RPM. 

Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Drill 

 “The set includes Compact Driver Drill, (2) 1.5Ah Batteries, (1) charger, (1) #2 Phillips Bit, and (1) Carrying Bag. Only 6.2″ in length and up to 25% shorter for tight spaces. Up to 21% more torque at 485 in-lbs. Up to 36% more speed at 1,700RPM”


Although an impact driver and drill seem similar, the difference lies in power. Impact drivers produce a higher torque but noisier . SO be sure to wear protective gear. 

Now that we've compared impact driver vs drill, which one will you choose?

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