flying dutchman scroll saw blades reviews

Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blades Review

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Quick Overview





  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to install
  • Can cut through wood and other materials with ease
  • Leaves edges smooth without any additional sanding
  • Affordable for most budgets


  • May leave some “fuzzies” behind at times
  • May not be compatible with some scroll saws

Having a lot of fresh blades on hand for your scroll saw will save you a ton of money. What’s more, it saves you the hassle of having to change them ever so often.

To get your projects going, you need excellent quality blades for your scroll saw.

For that, we recommend that you go through several Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blades reviews, much like this one.

Here, we’ll be taking a look at a package of 72 scroll saw blades, each with a different design and is used for different purposes.

This large package of blades is sure to last you a long time.

Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blades

If you've read the Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blades reviews, you know that these are German-made steel saw blades designed to cut through wood using a scroll saw.

Its purpose is to allow for straighter, smoother cuts without leaving any jagged edges behind.

On top of that, they are designed to prevent less sanding from occurring.

There is no information about when the blades were initially made.

Plus, there is no prior knowledge of whether these have been upgraded or improved from previous versions.

Still, these blades have received high marks from those who have used them in the past.

For a pack of 72 saw blades, the price that they’re going for is pretty reasonable. If anything, you’d typically get a package of saw blades for a much higher price.

Don’t write these off as cheap or flimsy, though.

Considering the fact that there are 72 blades in total, you will find that it consists of six different blade types (with 12 blades apiece).

We’ll be taking a look at each one so that you know what you’re getting and what they can be used for.

Who Is This Product For?

These saw blades are for beginner-level woodworkers, though they will also work just fine for those who know their way around a scroll saw.

These blades are perfect for any home improvement and woodworking project.

Unfortunately, this is not the product for anyone who might be looking at doing some heavy-duty projects.

By this, we mean someone looking for blades that will penetrate through hard-to-cut wood. While they are durable, they can easily break if the wood is too difficult to cut.

Ideally, these blades will, more often than not, be used for light projects.

After all, your best bet for scroll saws as far as wood goes will be plywood. Some scroll saws can even cut through metals like copper, brass, aluminum, or silver.

All and all, if you are using a scroll saw for all of your projects, there’s a good chance that you’ll need some pretty sturdy blades.

And the Flying Dutchman blades offer just that. Not to mention, at an affordable price, it’s very hard to say no to it.

What’s Included?

With each pack, you’d get six different types of blades at 12 apiece. In total, that’s 72 blades.

How do these blades differ from each other? That’s what we’ll be taking a look at here shortly.

Overview of the Features

Saw blades may be hard to choose, and figuring out which type of blades to use is difficult enough (depending on the project).

Thankfully, with this, you get a lot of options from one single package. Indeed, buying the Flying Dutchman 72 Intro Pack gets you a heck of a deal.

Here are the following blades that you’ll get:

  • Scroll Reverse Blades

First, we’ll be taking a look at the reverse blades.

In this package, you get #3 and #5 reverse blades for all of your cutting needs.

What do you use scroll saw reverse blades for? Good question.

Reverse blades prevent splintering and rough edges. The overall purpose here is to provide you with clean cuts that will lessen the need for sanding after.

We know how much of a pain sanding down rough edges can be, and this blade helps address that problem.

Not only do these do a superb job of cutting through plywood and softwoods, but they cut through various materials, as well. We’re talking plastics and even acrylics.

Ideally, these are the scroll saw blades you’ll want to have for most light-duty projects.

For the weekend hobbyist, these blades are a blessing. After all, you do get 12 of them, and they each last a long time.

In short, your local hardware store might be seeing less of you.

  • Ultra Reverse Blades

These are top-grade reverse blades that will cut through most materials at a fast rate.

Simply put, these can put in the work and leave you with much cleaner cuts than other saw blades. Again, no sanding will be needed after all is said and done.

Like the scroll reverse blades, you get a blend of #3 and #5 blades. If you are a stickler for fine cuts, these blades will do the trick.

The design is unique because every third tooth is the opposite of the others.

This explains why you get edges that are nice and smooth regardless of the materials you are cutting through.

Once you install these on your scroll saw, give it a go with a few pieces of scrap wood. You’ll be amazed by how well they cut and how deep it can go.

If you have wood that is an inch or two thick, that would be an excellent place to test how good it can do when you want to cut slightly deeper cuts.

Anything beyond two inches might not be a good idea for a scroll saw regardless of what type of blade you use.

  • Polar Blades

Have you ever used a scroll saw blade that would go kaput after cutting through harder materials? It could have been the wrong blade that you’ve been using.

That’s where the polar blades come in.

Aside from cutting through wood, it can cut through other materials like acrylics and even bone or horn (if you are a hunter).

These blades are by far one of the toughest of the bunch, and for good reason.

If you make mistakes with a scroll saw, which might be enough to kill it, these blades will make them more forgiving.

Even if you use some hardwoods, these will give you accurate, clean cuts that no other saw blade can deliver.

The only issue is that you may need to change them sooner rather than later. While they can cut through hardwoods, the wear will be much noticeable with every use.

  • Puzzle Blades

Lastly, there are puzzle blades. These are perfect if you want to make curves other than straightforward cuts.

We’re talking cutting through wood and materials as if you were cutting puzzle pieces. With a dozen of these blades at your disposal, you can cut topsy, turvy curves if you want to.

These blades are for the ideal hobbyist.

If you want to build something out of wood, you want blades that will handle those unusual cuts. And, sure enough, these will do the trick.

These are five inches long and are made from German steel, which is perhaps one of the toughest, sharpest kinds of steel you’ll ever find.

They are durable and long, so you can make some slightly deeper cuts with them.

Indeed, there’s no denying that you get the package deal of a lifetime with these blades.

They are long-lasting steel blades that will definitely go the distance regardless of how often you use the saw and the kind of project you do.

How to Get the Most out of These Blades

After going through several Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw blades reviews, the next thing to do is find out how you can make use of it to its full potential.

Getting the most out of the Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw blades will depend on the material you’re using.

Specifically, if you are using thicker woods, you’ll already have scroll saw blades that can handle them well.

Here is a video of how this user decided on the Flying Dutchman’s Polar blades.

She explains in detail how they have worked in her favor compared to other blades she’s used in the past.


In many Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades reviews, two of the biggest downsides mentioned were “fuzzies” or small wood pieces on the edges (which can be brushed off easily) and how the blades may not fit with other saws.

If you want an alternative, the only one we recommend is the Olson brand blades.

One of the differences between the Flying Dutchman and this brand is the sharpness.

The blades are slightly sharper and can cut through some challenging pieces of softwoods or plywood if necessary.

Like its competitor, it leaves clean edges, so sanding is not needed afterward.


If you are looking for blades that will deliver the best cuts on the promise, these Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw blades are what you need.

For the package deal you are getting, these will last you quite a while no matter how often you use your scroll saw.

While some blades last you through hours of use, these ones will hold their own for much longer than that.

How about less switching out and more cutting? It all starts with blades like these.

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