Can You Cut Laminate Flooring with a Miter Saw?

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Cutting laminate flooring isn’t a hard nut to crack, especially when you are using the right tool. One of these tools is the miter saw, which serves in the best manner while cutting laminate flooring.

A lot of people are confused and want to seek the answer to a commonly asked question— “Can I Cut Laminate flooring with a miter saw?” To get the answer, please continue reading.

Cutting Laminate flooring with a Miter saw

No matter whether you are an experienced woodworker or an amateur, this article is going to be helpful for those who want to use a miter saw for cutting laminate flooring. The first thing to consider when using this tool for cutting the laminate flooring is to learn the technique to handle this material properly.

However, this doesn’t require special skills. If you are familiar with a miter saw, you need to feel the strength of the material when cutting it. It will allow you to adjust the level of push you want to give to the planks.

Even if you don’t have an idea on how to use a miter saw, there is a wide range of videos on YouTube, which are sufficient enough to guide you about the correct method of using this tool. Within a couple of days, you will be in a position to cut laminate flooring just like a pro.

How to Cut Laminate Flooring with a miter saw

When it comes to cutting the laminate flooring using a miter saw, you just need to be careful to protect the material as well as your body. In fact, using a miter saw is simple. What you need is to create the cut marks properly and leave the rest to your miter saw.

This tool can easily make a 90-degree cut. It is an excellent tool, as you don’t have to change the setting every now and then. It is possible to use either a non-sliding model or a sliding model. Before cutting laminate flooring, it is essential to consider the size of the blade. Make sure to use a large blade, capable of cutting through the entire width of the plank.

The best tool for Cutting to Length

Laminate floors are constructed with composite wood fiber, which is blended together with an adhesive and pressed under high pressure. Although it is a hard and sturdy material, you can cut laminate flooring with the help of any saw.

However, using a miter saw is appropriate in many ways. This is the reason you should think about using this tool when cutting laminate flooring. To improve the efficiency of the saw, make sure to use the new blade with the proper size.

Furthermore, the use of miter saw also depends on the types of cuts you want to achieve. When using a saw for a woodworking project, using a sharp blade is the best way to complete the task. However, you also need to consider the type of saw when cutting laminate flooring.

The most hassle-free and straightforward way to cut such a material is to use a power miter saw. The circular blades of this saw are of reasonable sizes, which range between 8- to 12-inches in diameter.

It is much easier to handle the flooring piece as you just need to cut the material in a single motion. The fence is there to align the material to the blade, which ensures a perfect cut.

Making the angled end cuts is also possible with a miter saw. For this purpose, you should use a miter saw with a blade-to-fence angle, which is also adjustable. Although it is possible to use hand saws and circular saws for this purpose, yet these tools don’t offer the best finish.

When you are working with this particular saw, make sure to create a mark for an accurate cut.

Advantages of Using Miter Saw

  • Tends to be convenient and fast
  • An ideal option for making straight cuts
  • You can cut more than one board at a time

Disadvantages of Using Miter Saw

  • Too expensive for amateurs
  • Create more dust than any other saw
  • Not feasible to rip a board lengthwise with this tool


A miter saw is a perfect tool that you can use to cut laminate flooring. You can slice the required pieces of laminate flooring without any extra effort. Unlike some other saws, the miter saw ensures a clean and flawless finish due to straight edges.

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