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Best Jigsaw Under 50 Bucks in 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Finding the best jigsaw under 50 dollars is essential for weekend warriors who want a convenient tool for less.

Thankfully, many of the reasonably priced jigsaws have adequate performance for everyday household tasks.

Let's explore some of the best budget saws that can help make your upcoming project so much easier.

Comparison Chart


SKIL Corded Jig Saw

WEN 33606 Orbital Jig Saw


GALAX PRO Orbital Jig Saw

Best Jigsaw Under 50 Dollars


This BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw is a fantastic addition to any handyperson's kit.

It features many user-friendly components that make it more comfortable to wield and use for extended periods.

It also boasts up to 3,000 SPM of cutting power with its five-amp motor, helping you power through different types of materials.


One of the unique features of this jigsaw is that it has the patented Curve Control Technology.

With this, you can easily adjust the orbiting action by up to four levels, depending on the power you need.

The higher the orbital action is set, the more powerful and efficient your rips will be.

Alternatively, you can set the orbital action to zero for flawlessly finished cuts that are ready for polycrylic.

The five-amp motor also features variable speed control, allowing you to customize the sawing action based on the material.

This feature also helps boost the jigsaw's versatility, as you can find the ideal speed for any material you're working with.

The adjustable shoe helps to ensure you have the utmost amount of stability with the opportunity to make up to 45-degree beveled cuts.

Guiding the saw along planks of wood and sheets of plastic will be much more accurate and seamless, too.

Another fantastic feature is the upgraded wire guard, which allows the user to have a clear line of sight while cutting.

By adding the dust blower to the tool, you'll easily be able to keep track of your measurements while cutting.

Also, it helps to keep your work area clean so that tidying up after a project takes far less time.

Another benefit is the keyless blade clamp, letting you change the blade effortlessly without tools.


  • check
    T-shank blades easily lock-in
  • check
    Handles well
  • check
    Offers smooth cuts
  • check
    Powerful for wood
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Has minimal vibration
  • check
    Blade changes are straightforward


  • The lock button is challenging to engage
  • Not recommended for U-shape blades
  • Doesn’t have a vacuum attachment

2. SKIL Corded Jig Saw

SKIL is one of the top-tier brands in power tools, and for good reason.

The SKIL Corded Jig Saw boasts plenty of power; meanwhile, it's relatively easy to control, especially for beginners.

There are several exciting features packed into its portable housing that make it a fantastic choice.


Cutting efficiency is one of the most significant benefits you're bound to experience with this jigsaw.

Not only does it offer variable speed control but also orbital cutting action.

Like the BLACK+DECKER unit, this jigsaw allows you to adjust the orbital setting to four different stages.

You'll have smooth and precise cuts with the lowest setting, while the highest setting lets you tear through materials quickly.

By adding a variable speed control, users can customize their experience based on the materials they're working with.

A built-in brake lets you achieve a more precise finish towards the end of your cut, too.

Another functionality feature you'll love is the bevel adjustment, allowing for angled cuts.

You can easily adjust the shoe for higher stability and precise angles for special projects.

This saw features a wire guard similar to the previous model so that you have a clearer view of your cutting path.

Also, there's a dust blower with an On/Off switch that helps to blow away debris while cutting.

You'll never have to worry about losing sight of your cutting line again, even without a vacuum attachment.

When it comes time to change your blades, you'll appreciate how seamless the process is.

The tool-free blade clamp is exceptionally simple to disengage if you need to switch from one specialty blade to another.

Because this tool is corded, it will offer continual high-powered cutting with its five-amp motor and 120 volts of power.


  • check
    Easy to use with T- and U-shape blades
  • check
    Convenient speed control
  • check
    Perfect for weekend projects
  • check
    Feels sturdy and high-quality
  • check
    Has plenty of cutting power


  • Heavy and clunky
  • The front shaft might bend
  • The shoe needs to be tightened

3. WEN 33606 Jig Saw

Compared to the other saws on this list, the WEN 33606 Jig Saw has a couple of additional features.

It has a sleek and stylish design that is likely to fit in with your other tools, as well as a set of user-friendly components.

You might find that this is one of the better corded electric jigsaws on the market.


For clean cutting, the WEN 33606 Jig Saw has a powerful motor under seven amps.

You'll also have the option of engaging the orbital cutting action, as there are four settings to choose from.

The lowest orbital setting is ideal for precise tasks, while the highest is recommended for quick functional jobs.

One of our favorite features is that it has an onboard laser as well as an LED light. Both of these components work together to ensure the workspace is perfectly illuminated.

Whether you're working at night or in low-light, you'll easily be able to keep an eye on your markings and materials.

Another impressive feature is the motor, which is just under seven amps of power.

You'll be able to customize the speed of the jigsaw between zero and 3,300 strokes per minute, as it has a variable speed control.

This makes it ideal for people who tend to work with multiple types of materials requiring different levels of cutting power.

Keeping your workspace clean is one of the best ways to know where your cutting line is.

With this jigsaw, you can use the 1 ½-inch dust port to attach a vacuum or a dust blower.

On the front of the saw, the built-in dust blower helps to work away small bits of debris while you're cutting for a clear line of sight.

Users will love the lock-on trigger switch, which allows you to cut seamlessly without fatigue.

It also features a bevelling footplate, which is ideal for making angled cuts and finishes in materials.

The non-marring shoe is fantastic for adding stability and versatility to the saw for a multitude of projects.

If you want to use a bevel, you'll be able to adjust the plate between zero and 45 degrees in both directions.

We also love the non-marring shoe, which helps to reduce scuffs on your workpiece, which is a significant concern for other jigsaws.

When it comes time to change blades, you won't have to worry about special tools, as the quick-release chuck is easy to use.


  • check
    More powerful than expected
  • check
    Bright LED and laser light
  • check
    Assists with straighter lines
  • check
    Variable speed offers better accuracy
  • check
    Very smooth and beginner-friendly


  • The included blade cuts roughly
  • Challenging to adjust the bevel
  • Will require vacuum for dust removal


Many of the features of the CRAFTSMAN Jig Saw are what you would expect from a high-end name.

As one of their more budget-friendly options, this tool has everything you need for an assortment of small projects.

There are a couple of innovative features built-in, as well, which you'll appreciate having at your disposal.


As with most electric jigsaws, this model comes with variable speed control.

Contractors and weekend warriors can adjust the speed between zero and 3,000 SPM, depending on preference.

Even on the higher settings, you'll find that this saw operates with comfortable control and accuracy.

In addition to the traditional cutting power, there is also orbital action built into the saw.

If you're working with specific materials that require more aggressiveness for efficiency, orbital action is recommended.

There are four different settings you can choose from to adjust the power behind the saw.

One of this unit's more functional features is that it is highly adaptable with all blade types.

Whether you want to use T-shape or U-shape blades, the device will lock them in place for ultimate versatility.

Our favorite feature is the comfortable handle specifically designed to prevent hand fatigue and strain.

Along with the handle, you'll find a contoured overmold, which is far more comfortable to hold than hard plastic.

When dealing with lengthy cuts, you'll have far less cramping and discomfort.

If you're a Craftsman fan, you likely have the Versa-Track wall organization system.

Fortunately, this device is compatible with the wall organizer, so you can keep your tools safe and secure.

However, you will need to purchase the hooking mechanism separately.

This model features a five-amp motor, which is more than enough for metal and wood in terms of power.

Also, when you need to switch the blades, you can do so without special tools. All you need to do is engage the blade release and switch as needed.


  • check
    Comfortable for beginners
  • check
    Relatively lightweight
  • check
    Cuts through wood very well
  • check
    Good for DIY jobs
  • check
    Easy to adjust


  • The shoe might get loose quickly
  • Doesn’t have a built-in light
  • Lacking dust collection

5. GALAX PRO Jig Saw

As the final saw we'll review, this model has many features DIYers and contractors would love.

Many of the conveniences also make it a fantastic addition to a beginner's toolbox.

With ergonomic components and simple blade changing, it packs a powerful punch and brings plenty to the table.


The GALAX PRO Jig Saw has a reliable amount of power, similar to the other models we've explored this far.

The motor provides up to five amps, allowing up to 3,000 strokes per minute for above-average performance.

With variable speed control, you can customize the tool's power depending on the materials you're cutting through.

This device is designed for any project you might require a jigsaw, including intricate detailing, general woodcutting, and more.

It also has an adjustable bevel that lets you customize the angle at 45 degrees in either direction.

Users will appreciate having it on hand for cutting laminate countertops, flooring, making shelves, and more.

Changing the blade in your jigsaw has never been easier than with this tool-free blade clamp.

You can easily switch blades without requiring any keys or special tools.

Also, it boasts a four-stage orbital action for when you need a little bit of extra power to rip through thick materials.

As mentioned, our favorite feature is the ergonomics of the saw, which guarantees maximum comfort.

The lock-on switch is comfortable to use and helps to reduce hand strain and fatigue when cutting.

You'll no longer have to worry about continually pushing a trigger when dealing with long cuts.

Also, there's an added soft grip covering the handle, ensuring you have enough padding for extended periods.

Another significant feature of this unit is the laser guide, which other brand names are lacking.

With the laser, you can cut more efficiently by keeping track of your measurements and guides.

You'll appreciate the built-in dust blower, too, which allows for a cleaner line of sight.

Lastly, it also comes with a dust exhaust pipe, which makes debris-clearing far more efficient.


  • check
    Runs smoothly
  • check
    Has a good weight and size
  • check
    Laser guide can be switched on/off
  • check
    Useful for many materials
  • check
    More powerful than expected


  • The laser line is inaccurate
  • Bevel may slide on its own
  • Poor-quality included blades

Can a Jigsaw Cut a 2 by 4?

Jigsaws should be able to cut through a two by four as long as you have access to a long enough blade.

Some blades may offer less than two inches of cutting space, while others are up to three or four inches long.

It’s important to measure the blade length, similar to how you measure a chainsaw bar.

When working with thicker pieces of wood, you'll want to use a special cutting blade designed for that material.

Wood jigsaw blades have several unique teeth designed to gnaw through wood effortlessly.

They may also have gullets, which allow chips and dust to be removed from the cutting surface to prevent the saw from overheating.

What Amp Jigsaw Do I Need?

The number of amps required in your jigsaw will depend on the project you have before you.

Most DIYers and home renovation contractors will require five amps to tackle most tasks, such as building a deck.

It can also be a good idea to opt for a corded jigsaw, as you won't have to worry about switching batteries.

For more industrial projects, you might want to consider seven amps or higher for your power tools.

What Is the Best Jigsaw for the Money?

Our choice for the best jigsaw under 50 bucks is the WEN 33606 Jig Saw. It has a powerful motor, onboard LED lights and laser lights, and an overall user-friendly design.

More than anything else, beginners and veteran users will appreciate the control and stability it offers for precise and quick cuts.

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