best jigsaw blade for cutting laminate countertop

Best Jigsaw Blade for Cutting Laminate Countertop in 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Planning on giving your kitchen a makeover yourself?

To get the best results, you need to invest in the best tools to make the job easier, and we’ve got just the right item to complete your arsenal.

Using the best jigsaw blade for cutting laminate countertop can prove quite useful.

When attached to your jigsaw, you can work with an assortment of hardened materials.

There are several different types of blades to consider made by trusted manufacturers.

The key is finding the ones that stand out from the crowd.

Comparison Chart

DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set

MRCGTCE JigSaw Blades Set

BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw Blades Set

Bosch T503 Jig Saw Blade Set

DEWALT DW3762-5 Jig Saw Blade

Best Jigsaw Blade for Cutting Laminate Countertop

1. DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case

The DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case comes with several pieces required for all household and industrial projects.

There are 14 T-shank jigsaw blades available to be used with wood, metal, and other hard materials in the package.

Similar to most other DEWALT products, they are designed with integrity and durability in mind.


The T-shank design of these blades makes them adaptable to both DEWALT and Bosch jigsaws.

It's one of the more versatile kits on the market, as each blade has a different number of teeth.

In your kit, you'll have six, 10, 12, 18, and 32 TPI blades to use with your favorite jigsaw.

The six to 10 TPI blades are four inches long, while the 18 to 32 TPI blades are three inches long.

There is a mixture of HCS and Bi-metal blades to make faster cuts through various materials.

You'll find they prove most useful for laminate and wood, especially if you want to prolong the life of your equipment.

Another notable feature of this product is its case, which helps keep the blades safe and secure.

There are two halves to the case so that you can keep each blade separate to prevent breakage and scratching.

It can also be packed into your toolbag with ease, allowing you to bring your gear anywhere.


  • check
    Well-built case
  • check
    Features metal hinge pins
  • check
    Easily fits into DEWALT cases
  • check
    Good selection of blades
  • check
    Plenty of space in the case
  • check
    Perfect for beginners and tradespeople


  • Latches might need modifications
  • Blades get exceptionally hot
  • Blades could use more TPI

2. 50-Piece Contractor Jigsaw Blades Set

If you're in the market for even more variety than the DEWALT set of blades, this is ideal.

This 50-Piece Contractor Jigsaw Blades Set comes with everything you could need for working with laminate.

Along with the extensive number of blades, you'll also receive a convenient storage case for portability.


The most notable benefit of these blades is that they're built with top-tier quality.

You'll be receiving far more components than with other manufacturers for a fraction of the cost.

Let's breakdown all of the pieces that are included in the kit:

  • Five T118A 21 TPI blades
  • Five T118B 12 TPI blades
  • 10 T101AO 21 TPI blades
  • 10 T101B 10 TPI blades
  • 10 T101BR 10 TPI blades
  • 10 T144D 6 TPI blades

There's a brilliant assortment of options depending on the materials you're interested in working with.

The T118A blades are recommended for thin metal, while the T118B blades are best for medium metal cutting.

You'll also be able to take advantage of clean woodcutting with the T101AO scroll blades.

Additionally, users can make clean down cuts using the T101BR and high-speed cutting with the T144D.

All of the blades are constructed using high-quality SK5 high-carbon steel for ultimate durability.

According to the manufacturer, this material is 50 times better than CRV when working with wood and laminate.

With their impressive build quality, you can expect your new blades to last exceptionally longer than others.

Also, they will tolerate quite a beating, which is essential for tradespeople and other professionals.

When working with metal and plastic, it's recommended you use a lubricant to prevent overheating.

Another significant feature speaking to the usefulness of these blades is their versatility.

The 50-Piece Contractor Jigsaw Blades Set will fit into most recognized jigsaw brands, including Bosch and DEWALT.

All of the pieces feature a T-shank end, making them easy to insert and remove as necessary.

For added convenience, be sure to take advantage of the quality storage case. It offers versatile storage solutions for each of the blades to keep them secure.

Making sure you keep all of your equipment effortlessly organized is a significant part of maintaining their durability.


  • check
    Expertly labeled
  • check
    Easy-to-use storage case
  • check
    Fantastic selection of blades
  • check
    Durable construction
  • check
    Cuts through laminate effortlessly
  • check
    Works similarly to high-end brands


  • Won’t fit DEWALT cordless jigsaws
  • Some blades could be dull
  • Storage could be more organized
  • Thinner blades than expected

3. BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw Blades Set

Often, it would be best to choose the same brand of blades as your jigsaw to ensure they fit.

The BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw Blades Set is a quality option for casual and professional jobs.

In this set, there is an assortment of blades available for you to use for cutting wood, laminate, and even scroll work.


In this kit, you will receive 24 total blades in the set. With these, you can work with thin materials, items with medium thicknesses, and intricate scrolling.

The other two blade types allow for rough cutting and smooth cutting to reduce your finishing time.

To be more specific, the assorted jigsaw blades you'll receive include:

  • Rough Cutting: Five 75-250 6 TPI blades
  • Smooth Finish: Four 75-251 10 TPI blades
  • Scrolling: 10 10 TPI scrolling blades
  • Medium Metal Cutting: Five 75-253 18 TPI blades
  • Thin Metal Cutting: Five 75-269 24 TPI blades

What makes the blades unique is that they have a universal shape to accommodate different tools. They should fit all universal U-shank jigsaws, compared to T-shank models.

Also, you'll find that this kit is a fantastic option for contractors seeking versatility when working with different materials.

All of the blades are general-purpose, providing the user with an exceptional selection. They also allow you to make more intricate cuts for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Finally, with this set, you can guarantee you are purchasing higher quality jigsaw blades, as they are made in the United States.


  • check
    Challenging to break
  • check
    Ideal for short and small projects
  • check
    Increases jigsaw versatility
  • check
    Good assortment for many projects
  • check
    Fits well in BLACK+DECKER tools


  • Blade length is too short
  • Blades can bend easily
  • Poor blade retaining mechanism

4. Bosch T503 Jigsaw Blade Set

What makes the Bosch T503 Jigsaw Blade Set stand out is that the blades are made explicitly for laminate.

Instead of trying to use general-purpose blades, you can guarantee you'll have the best cuts possible with these blades.

Each of the kit's blades is designed with the greatest attention to detail to achieve exceptional cutting capabilities.


In your new kit, you'll have three hardwood and laminate jigsaw blades to use easily. You'll find two T101BF clean cutting blades as well as a T101AOF blade for specialty cutting.

Each of the components is designed using Bi-metal, which offers exceptional longevity and durability.

Compared to other traditional jigsaw blades, these could prove to be most useful for straight and curved cuts.

Whether you're working with traditional hardwood or laminate, they can power through wood like butter.

You’d also be thrilled to know that the blades are Swiss-made, which speaks to their incredible quality.

The teeth are side-set and ground on the blades, which helps to work through plastic and wood faster.

With the side set teeth, offset cuts will be exceptionally faster to help improve efficiency.

You'll also find that these blades have fewer TPI because they're designed to be used with thicker materials.

They have a T-shank design, too, which offers up to 90% more stability and grip than other blade types.

You should easily be able to use these blades in the majority of current jigsaws.

Compared to high carbon steel blades, Bi-metal can last 10 times longer with regular use.


  • check
    Perfect for prefabricated countertops
  • check
    Doesn’t cause peeling or cracking
  • check
    T-shanks are exceptionally secure
  • check
    Provides a cleaner cut than expected
  • check
    Lasts longer than traditional wood blades
  • check
    Perpendicular teeth reduce laminate splintering


  • Blades dull quickly
  • Must be used on medium speeds

5. DEWALT DW3762 Jigsaw Blade Pack

The DEWALT DW3762 Jigsaw Blade Pack has many of the high-end features of other jigsaw blades on this list.

They are made from high-quality materials and provide exceptional cutting power.

If you're searching for highly precise blades, these are one of the better options.


These jigsaw blades are made from Bi-metal, also known as cobalt steel, which boosts longevity and durability.

In their design, they feature deeper gullets, which makes them exceptional for cutting through wood.

You'll be able to save time by avoiding having to remove material in the middle of your job.

Another considerable advantage is the deeper gullets, as they help to prevent overheating.

You should be able to make longer cuts without having to worry about the integrity of your blades.

Each of the teeth features highly precise grinds that ensure the blades are exceptionally sharp upon arrival.

While working with hard materials, such as laminate, the teeth are bound to stay sharper for longer.

Also, you'll notice a significant improvement in the quality of your cuts, as they'll be much smoother.

Depending on the type of jigsaw you own, these T-shank blades should fit most models.

In the pack, you'll receive five down cut laminate blades with 10 TPI for more efficient cuts.

Compared to standard jigsaw blades, these ensure a more refined finish in laminate, countertop, veneers, and fine woods.

You also have the comfort of knowing your jigsaw blades are less likely to break with regular use.


  • check
    Cuts through laminate easily
  • check
    Makes quick work of vinyl
  • check
    Helps to reduce cleanup
  • check
    Creates crisp edges in countertops
  • check
    Great for working with laminate flooring
  • check
    Versatile blades for hard materials


  • Blades can dull after several uses
  • Might require scoring before cutting
  • Would be better with carbide tips

Jigsaw Blade for Cutting Laminate Countertop FAQs

1. What blade should I use to cut laminate countertop?

Jigsaw blade manufacturers have specific blades designated for working with laminate countertops and flooring.

They typically have a reasonable number of teeth per inch to help reduce the likelihood of chipping and peeling the material.

You'll also find they're made from high-quality metal to reduce vibration, bending, and breakage.

These blades are often referred to as "laminate" or "acrylic" jigsaw blades.

2. How do you cut a laminate countertop with a jigsaw?

Cutting a laminate countertop with a jigsaw requires plenty of patience and sharp blades.

You'll want to make sure you adequately mark the cuts you want to make and patiently guide the blade through.

It's also essential to prevent overheating, which you can do by using a blade designed for laminate or a lubricant, such as oil.

3. How can I cut my countertop without chipping?

One of the top recommendations for avoiding chipping when using a jigsaw is to rely on masking tape along with your measurements.

The tape helps create an extra barrier between the blade and the material to prevent splintering along the edges.

You'll also want to make sure you don't use any rough-cutting features, such as orbital action, when dealing with laminate.

Another vital part of the process is to ensure you don't force the blade into the material, like a table saw.

Otherwise, there is a higher likelihood of cracking and peeling; not to mention, you'll have to spend a longer time and more effort finishing the edges.

4. Do I need a special blade to cut laminate?

A unique blade isn't necessary for cutting laminate, though it is highly recommended.

There are plenty of multi-purpose blades that work well on wood, plastic, and laminate.

However, investing in high-quality laminate-only blades will give you the cleanest and most efficient cut possible.

Final Verdict

Our choice for the best jigsaw blade for cutting laminate countertop is the Bosch T503 Jigsaw Blade Set.

Not only is it designed for cutting laminate countertops but laminate flooring, as well.

If you're renovating your home, you'll find that high-quality and durable Bi-metal blades are your best option.

Another suggestion is to consider this 50-Piece Contractor Jigsaw Blades Set, especially if you need versatility.

With 50 individual jigsaw blades, you can master an assortment of professional and casual jobs.

They also have a similar build quality to the Bosch blades, which makes them a great choice.

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