are cordless circular saws any good

Are Cordless Circular Saws Any Good?

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Contractors frequently wonder, are cordless circular saws any good?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the benefits of cordless tools, but do cord-free circular saws pack the same power as corded varieties?

Depending on the task you have ahead of you, there are plenty of advantages to a cordless circular saw.

Are Cordless Circular Saws Worth It?

If you’re hunting for a tool that offers exceptional conveniences in a small package, cordless circular saws are ideal.

With one, you’ll have a reliable cutting tool for multiple materials in a unit that’s easy to carry around from one job site to the next.

There are plenty of benefits that these tools have over corded circular saws.

Because of this, they are almost always an essential component of a handyman’s arsenal of tools.

Advantages of Cordless Circular Saws

To give you an idea of what this cordless power tool can do, here are the advantages of using one:


If you’ve used cordless tools in the past, you know how exceptionally convenient they can be.

You don’t have to worry about finding an electrical outlet or managing an extension cord around your property.

As long as the battery is charged, it’s ready to use at any given time.

If you’re a contractor who needs quick and efficient gear you can pack away in seconds, you will appreciate cordless saws.

They can also be comfortable for DIY enthusiasts, as they don’t need to set them up in their shop to be used.

Bringing your new tool from job site to job site has never been simpler.

Safer Work Environment

One of the largest hazards of any construction site is the number of cords on the ground.

Cords contribute to significant tripping hazards, leading to injuries if not addressed.

You won’t have any extra cords lying around with cordless tools, which makes your environment safer.

Contractors will also feel more comfortable working on larger pieces of materials without cords.


When you’re ready to get started on your project, finding a power source before working can be challenging.

The efficiency and versatility of cordless circular saws cannot be understated, as you don’t need an outlet or an extension cord.

You click your battery into the tool, and it’s ready to be used at any given time.

Tool Safety

As with any power tool, it’s important to review how to use it safely.

Cordless circular saws are inherently safer, as you don’t have to worry about power surges.

Since the device isn’t plugged into the wall, you’ll be operating solely on battery power.

This feature makes it far safer than traditional tools and far more convenient, especially in a power outage.

You won’t have to worry about stopping your work, as long as you have another light source.

Instead, your battery-operated tool will be ready to use in any environment at any time.

Left-Handed Use

Have you ever noticed that most cordless saws have a left-handed design compared to corded models?

There are a few unique reasons for how this design makes cordless saws more comfortable for right-handed contractors.

Why Are Most Cordless Circular Saws Left Handed?

So, why are most of these units left-handed, anyway? There are many possible reasons, including:

Workpiece Stability

With a left-handed cordless circular saw, right-handed users get to have impressive workpiece stability.

You’ll be able to work with materials inboard, which allows you to stabilize the material you’re working on.

With right-handed saws, you have easier access to the waste piece, which isn’t convenient.

Better Line Visibility

Another exceptional advantage to left-handed cordless saws is that they offer impressive visibility.

You’ll have a far easier time managing your cuts by having a clear view of your measurement markings.

Battery Changes

This benefit isn’t as significant as the others, but it’s still important to note.

When using a power tool with your left hand, you have easier access to the battery compartment.

Using your right hand, you can quickly change the battery once it dies for a more efficient workflow.

do you know if are cordless circular saws any good

Disadvantages of Cordless Circular Saws

Although there’s plenty to be impressed by when it comes to cordless circular saws, there are a few disadvantages.

These convenient tools have seen significant upgrades over the years but still lack some key areas.

Power Limitations

By far, the most notable disadvantage to battery-powered circular saws is their power limitations.

Although the battery is convenient, it will also be significantly less potent than a standard outlet connection.

You’ll also be limited to the amount of power the tool can access based on its battery’s size and capability.

With corded power tools, you have unlimited access to power, which allows you to use the tool to its maximum potential.

This concern is one of the primary reasons contractors opt for corded over cordless power tools.

Limited Project Sizes

In addition to power limitations, another factor is the amount of charge you have with a battery.

The more powerful your circular saw is, the more battery life it will consume per minute. This can lead to your tool dying mid-project, which can be incredibly frustrating.

The majority of high-powered circular saws last well under an hour before needing a recharge.

With corded saws, on the other hand, you’ll have a consistent connection to electricity for unstoppable cuts.

Still, it is possible to maximize your cordless tools’ efficiency with multiple batteries.

Added Costs

As mentioned, you can help your cordless circular saw meet a corded unit’s conveniences with multiple batteries.

Unfortunately, this also means you’ll have to invest more money into your equipment.

If you’re on a budget, cordless circular saws might not be the best option, as extra batteries can be expensive.

Another factor to consider is that cordless tools tend to be slightly more expensive than corded options.

The added conveniences they bring is something you’ll have to pay for.

Some of the newer models also include innovative technologies that improve their performance, but these can be expensive.

Are Battery Powered Circular Saws Any Good?

It’s easy to see how cordless circular saws are a fantastic addition to your tools.

With their innovative designs, their removable batteries bring a couple of notable benefits.

Let’s review the most significant advantages of battery-powered circular saws.

Interchangeable Batteries

Depending on the circular saw you choose, you could access interchangeable batteries.

This feature has become more notable with some of the world’s top-tier brands, including Ryobi and Ridgid.

In these ecosystems, you’re able to take the battery from one tool and put it in another.

At first, these products were targeted at DIYers because of their conveniences, but they’re ideal for professionals, too.

You’ll quickly be able to take the battery from your lawn edger, for example, and put it in your power drill.

You can also remove batteries from one drill and put them in another, as long as it’s from the same brand.

Another advantage of interchangeable batteries is helping you save plenty of money.

Instead of investing in multiple battery packs, you can use one or two for your entire kit.

Fast Charges

As technology improves, so do the conveniences of traditional battery-powered tools.

It would take several hours before tool batteries had a full charge in the past. Today, it takes 30 minutes or less to have enough power for small to midsize projects.

The faster the batteries are charged, the less downtime you’ll have to deal with.

A top recommendation is to consider investing in two battery packs that are fully charged so that you can swap as needed.

Typically, if you own a tool that’s part of an ecosystem, you’ll have plenty of flexible options for interchangeable batteries.

It’s also recommended you invest in a high-quality charger that’s adaptable to your battery brand.

The better the charger, the faster your batteries will become ready to be used.

Easy to Store

With battery-powered tools, you can reduce your circular saw’s weight and size in seconds.

The base unit will be far more lightweight and more comfortable to store in your garage by removing the battery pack.

You’ll also find that it’s simpler to carry in your tool bag without losing valuable storage space.

If you want to improve your organization, we recommend having two bags for your tools and batteries.

How to Choose the Perfect Cordless Circular Saw

All of the potential benefits of a cordless circular saw are more likely for you to experience with the right model.

There are hundreds of different brands with tons of unique features for you to consider.

Let’s review some of the most important things to keep in mind so that you can experience an upgrade from your corded tools.

Mechanical Drive

The first thing you’ll want to consider is the mechanical drive.

There are two main options with circular saws: sidewinders and worm-drive models.


This mechanical drive is the most recognizable and has the handle set high over the blade.

With sidewinders, the blade is on the right side of the handle, but it’s possible to find left-handed options.

One of the most considerable advantages of this type is that they are more affordable and feel lighter.

If you need a circular saw for your home workshop or DIY project, you should consider a sidewinder.

They are best suited for smaller applications, and they are more manageable for beginners.


If you’ve looked into circular saws in the past, you’ve undoubtedly heard of worm-drives as they’re the most powerful.

Contractors looking for a cordless power tool with limited restrictions will prefer this option.

They are heavier and a little more challenging to manage, but they have far more torque for thick materials.

These circular saws are the ones that typically have the blade located on the left-hand side.

One of the features that make this option more heavy-duty is that they have a gear system.

The gear system is responsible for converting motor power into blade spin, which offers incredibly high RPMs.

Power Rating

Another essential factor to remember when shopping for a cordless circular saw is its power rating.

This is one of the most significant differences between corded and cordless models.

Most cordless saws are rated based on battery voltage, though others express their power in amperage.

Most models are available between 10 and 15 amps or up to 20 volts.

The higher the amperage of your cordless saw, the more cutting power it will offer because it has more power to use.

18- and 20-volt cordless saws are a fantastic option, as well. This is because they boast plenty of power per cut.

When dealing with the power rating, you’ll also want to consider the battery type and longevity.

Ideally, your power tool should last through most of your project before needing a battery change.

Obviously, the higher the voltage of your gear, the faster it will tear through its battery life.

Hence, you’ll want to consider investing in a unit that uses lithium-ion batteries since they are the longest-lasting.

Lithium-ion is also known to hold charges for much longer than other battery types.


One of the primary reasons to look for a cordless saw relates to convenience and comfort.

Without the need for an annoying power cord, you’ll have better mobility and ease of use.

It’s also important to consider ergonomics when choosing a convenient power tool for everyday use.

Ergonomics pertain to your body’s health and comfort with anatomically-correct components on your tools.

For example, specialized handles improve your grip while reducing hand and wrist fatigue.

The vast majority of cordless circular saws have ergonomic features that make your experience safer.

You’ll undoubtedly want a uniquely shaped handle with improved grip to help reduce vibrations and overextension.

If you’re a professional, these features can significantly reduce your discomfort and the likelihood of injury over time.

Bevel Adjustments

Circular saws boast the added convenience of angled cuts, which is their primary use.

With that said, you should ensure you have multiple bevel adjustments to choose from, especially in cordless models.

You’ll often find bevel adjustments between zero and 45 degrees, depending on your chosen model.

It’s also essential to find units that allow you to lock in the bevel so that the angle is maintained effortlessly.

This feature ensures you don’t have to put more physical effort into finding an ideal wrist placement.

Are Cordless Circular Saws Any Good?

So, are cordless circular saws any good? As discussed, you’ll find that these tools have plenty of essential benefits for your workplace.

From limiting job site hazards to offering efficient cuts in a small and compact design, they can do it all.

With modern advancements, you’ll have plenty of power and a similar performance that corded models offer.

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